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Added Value:

Added value is a key concept that Elf’st™ is built around. Why added value?

- Mainly because marketing is about

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Game changers:

Shaping the future is a result of authentic game changers. Creative entrepreneurs obtain better results with different strategies.

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If you have a marketing or investment issue or simply a business idea and dno not know how to implement it, write or call us at the following:

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Elf’st investment services aim to help you identify growth opportunities. We refer to investment from an economic perspective, as a choice to invest in a new market sector, in a new product or in a new business unit. Handling data intensive situations, the investment consulting services are being delivered as a set of recommendations and conclusions in order to support decision making processes.


The investment consulting services falls under 4 main stages:

Sectorial Analysis -> Comparative Analysis -> Scenarios Analysis -> Conclusions


Strategic management involves making investment decisions. While making the market research and building the marketing plans, investment alternatives parallel the general questionnaire. Answers must be given and solutions must be presented.


The investment consulting services will be delivered on a project based model. Elf’st greatest asset is the local market know-how and the cultural insight in the CEE region.


Since each market and region has its specific traits, we offer a great importance to the knowledge level that a market research company may have about a specific market. That’s why our working model foresees collaboration with specialized research and forecasting companies.


In order to deliver resourceful and comprehensive investment consulting strategies, Elf’st is always cooperating with technically specialized teams: industry specific technology providers, systems automations providers, architects and technical designers.


Often, Elf’st may undertake the role of liaison officer among different entities willing to undertake a new investment project.



Latest thoughts:

End of Conference Report on Open Innovation Conference 2.0 (13−14 June, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Press release /June 22, 2017


OI2.0 Conference Founder and Adviser for Innovation Systems at the European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content, and Technology (DG CONNECT) Mr Bror Salmelin: “Cluj-Napoca has outperformed our expectations and set a new standard for the upcoming OI2.0 Conference editions. The impressive performance of Open Innovation 2.0 Conference and its related events in Cluj-Napoca propels the co-creation of innovation ecosystems across Europe.”


Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2017 Cluj Napoca - Conclusions Endorsed by the Conference

Press release / June 21, 2017


OI2 Conference drew to a close on the 14th of June, here in Cluj-Napoca, after five-action packed days. This year’s event tangibly conveyed the potential of OI2 quadruple helix model and how to best create innovative ecosystems.Mr. Bror Salmelin ( OISPG Founder) and Dr. Martin Curley (OISPG Chair) have summed up the 2017 OI2 Conference works in a set of twelve main conclusions.


OI 2.0 Conference in Cluj-Napoca: Innovation Luminary Awardees 2017

Press release / June 14, 2017



Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania, Romania, hosts the 2017 ceremony of the prestigious Innovation Luminary Awards. Thus the OI 2.0 events ecosystem, brings a spotlight on the entrepreneurial spirit, the innovation potential and on the commitment to create an innovative ecosystem.