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Added Value:

Added value is a key concept that Elf’st™ is built around. Why added value?

- Mainly because marketing is about

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Game changers:

Shaping the future is a result of authentic game changers. Creative entrepreneurs obtain better results with different strategies.

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If you have a marketing or investment issue or simply a business idea and dno not know how to implement it, write or call us at the following:

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Sometimes, special people meet together and set up amazing plans, unique ideas and dare to create some businesses... We dream of creating a place where such people can meet and actually fulfill their plans, dreams and desires. Each experience that we have improves our skills and abilities.


We live each entrepreneurship story again, together with our customers, friends and projects. Every start is a chance to put in more know-how and dedication to overall success.


Having various experiences as marketing specialists in different industries (food stuff, real estate, energy, IT, telecoms and advertising) we have an authentic feel of the needs inside a company.


In short: we learned a lot, we worked hard, we dedicated us to each project and, luckily, we were gifted with some talent and inspiration, too.


We concluded that sharing and giving is a way for self-improvement and mutual satisfaction.



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